Fri, 11/05/2007 – 11:00pm — Gerard McGarry

We took a little trip to Inch Abbey in Downpatrick a few weeks ago, a secluded spot just off the main road before you come into the town. It was late afternoon/early evening as we arrived and the Abbey was vitrually abandoned except for the odd dog-walker passing through.

Although it’s not immediately obvious, Inch is an island which is accessed by a causeway. The River Quoile runs to the south with marshland surrounding it to the north.


Fri, 11/05/2007 – 10:49pm — Gerard McGarry

It is only appropriate to begin by mentioning that the olde worlde pronunciation of Bonamargy was Bun-na-Mairgie, which means “at the foot of the Margy”. The Friary can be found on the road out of Ballycastle, on the Cushendall road. The Friary is situated in the middle of Ballycastle’s golf course, and is a stone’s throw from the beach. As you pass out of town, you will see the ruins on the right hand side in the midst of Ballycastle’s golf course – it’s a good job the Friary doesn’t have windows!